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i'm slowly doing away with this journal, if you haven't noticed. i don't want to. it makes me very sad to see it dissipating like it is. but i don't know what else to do. it's just. i'm tired of having to deal with it. it's getting to me. but whatever.

school sucks. i loathe going. missed a driving class today cause i would have had to stand for three hours. hung out with christen for a brief period of time though. so it was nice.

i really wish i had more cd's than i do at the moment. then again. who doesn't wish that?

this keyboard is pissing me off.

besides. it's not like i do interesting things or have interesting thoughts. so. yeah. i don't know how to save you. this hasn't happened. maybe it's just because i'm busy. but then again. i've had time to update your alter ego. so what's with this? hum. *thinks real hard*

i got nothin'.
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