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exams. who cares? i think i totally beasted my math exam. bitches. i think i did really well, except for one i couldn't figure out, because i suck at figuring out riddle/pretend math problems. either way. i'm glad it's good an over with.

then art. i matted jamsey's painting. mr. ross wants me to put it in a showing in the fall. i don't know about that. whatever. then i gave sam a hug. i'm really going to miss him. he's such a wonderful uplifting kid. awe.

biology. easy. no one cares about biology. okay, well, i know i don't. i finished in the first twenty minutes. then for the last hour i played egyptian rat screw. what a fucking awesome game. i was taught once by kim & lil ashley. then i just forgot. but then they taught me again. i love that game.

after the exams me & chuck hung out. we came to my house & dropped my stuff off. then we went to w.d. grinders. first time ever. it was okay. not the greatest thing. but it was good food. then we went to drew's house. hahha. we pulled up & drew stuck his head out the window & was like 'fuck you, you scared the shit out of me.' then me & chuck visited mathieu. then we went & broke into drew's house. watched tv until him & christa finished. she left. we hung out. he mowed the lawn. mathieu came over. ect. drew took a shower. we stood outside the room until he came out. hilarious. then me & chuck took drew to work.

me & chuck sat outside in the car for almost an hour just talking. what a wonderful kid.

then we went inside eagle. i had to pee. then i found chuck & drew. drew was asking me these retarded survey questions. i coudln't stop laughing. drew swore i was stoned. it was hilarious.

then me & chuck left. sang all the way to my house.
now i'm here. waiting for the relatives to arrive.

the end.
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