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i feel sick to my fucking stomach.

my aunt julie & grandma just showed up. i'm not in the mood for relatives. but holy crap. this next week or so is going to be crazy full of them. ugh. what a drag.

ugh. i want to go to shane's house tomorrow. but i have to study with drew. then i have to work with matt on the ecology project. i really don't want to. i don't want to do either. i just want a pack of cigarettes & shane & mike & lauren. then i'd be good. i don't like being around a lot of people. it makes me really nervous. then again. i'm always really nervous. so, whatever.

why am i still upset about this? maybe once i do stuff tomorrow i won't be so upset. right now, i'm just really tired. i want to see someone. but i know i can't. i can't wait for summer. i'll probably be at shane's house all the time.

time to go.
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