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mourning, love.

i'm worried about a lot of things right now. but i know that's not going to get me too far in life. i really don't care. we all worry. it's no big deal... or is it? ha. anyway. today my grandma will arrive with my aunt julie. i'm currently cleaning my room & trying to get a hold of matt so he can come over & we can take pictures. damned ecology project.

i've compiled a list of contacts that i need to make within the next week for the counter convention fest. i need to get a hold of will too. i'm really going to get into this. i hope this turns out well.

i'm really tired. i haven't been getting enough sleep lately. i just can't seem to stay asleep. it's really pissing me off. because when i wake up i'm groggy but i wake up anyway. & i'm a wake for the whole day. it's like i'm running twenty out of twenty four hours of the day. & i'm on over drive. what the fuck is this. oh. i have driving class tuesday. i think i should work ahead in my book since my dad knows all the stuff. he can teach me. woo. father/daughter bonding expierence. cars. figures.

alright. i'm going to go finish cleaning.
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