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i'm not sure i've ever felt so sick in my entire life.
it's nice to know he forgot about me so quickly. it's nice to know that i really didn't matter all that much to him. it's nice to know the truth.

the only part left on the oberst painting is the backround. which i will finish tomarrow. how wonderful. oh. so the worst thing ever happened while i was painting. i was pouring blue paint into my tray to mix. the entire lid came off & spilt all over the picture i was painting from. i managed to get most of the blue off. so. ugh. just whatever.

today wasn't a good day at all. i'm not sure the next week or so will be. tragic. isn't it?

yeah. grow up.


so last night i came home from driving class then passed out. not only am i physically tired. i'm tired on the inside. i can't get over this. this is killing me. i'm glad he's fine.
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