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so. today started early with going downtown to get my hair cut at eight in the morning. i drove. my first time on the highway. horray for driving!

then i got home & me & lauren & shane all met up at easton & we saw meangirls. it was cute. we hung around easton for a while. i got plugs that match my every outfit. they are white with black stripes. oh yeah. i like them very much. anyway we hung around easton until five. dropped lauren off at work then me & shane waited for mike & we went to barnes & nobles. i found a few books i want for my personal library. then we went to panera. & waited for mike.

mike picked us up. i met antwan. *sp really bad* but yeah. he's really really nice. so me, ben, mike, him, & shane went to shane's house. they smoked about three bowls. then robbie & shane played halo while i fumbled around. i love robbie. anyway. we all hung out there for a while. then jess picked me up & rove me to zach's.

there i watched kayle play ninja gaiden. then i played. first time ever. it was really bad ass. it was awesome. but then we sat around the hot tub for a while. me, beth, & kayle dangled our feet in. kayle circumnavigated the tub. it was amusing.

then finally, at ten thirty, we played halo. i didn't do too bad. but then again, i never play halo to win. i play because it's fun. but yeah. that was my day. it was very very busy.

tomorrow my grandma & aunt are going to be here. i have to do so much stuff tomorrow. i need to call matt. if he can't come over. then i dont' know what's going to happen. then monday, i don't really know what's going on.

wow. i love being busy. sortof. i like being busy with fun stuff. not stuff like homework. i'm excited for summer.
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